Thank you for taking the class. Every time I use my Mind’s Eye for Change technique I see each of you smiling because you are achieving your innermost desires.

Retake class to integrate the material deeper

This class presents mindfulness and masterfulness skills using applied brain integration skills + Quantum Laws and Principles + Human Energetics so that you can move through life and manifest with more ease and confidence.

Retaking the class is so important. There is so much presented I know it does not all go into your memory recall the first time. Apply it. Practice it. Then retake it.

Also, I change the class often.

Class retake fee is kept low. When you retake the class, receive a $25 discount for each friend you refer and who signs up.

Personal note: When I was in Houston and took classes from my most masterful teacher, I was so enthralled with changes and motivated to be a better person in life, I retook it often either by taking it or volunteering.

Listen to or download the files from class below.

These are different MP3 files that students are authorized to download and utilize to continue to practice flipping that internal switch between the Logical Thoughts-Ego Awareness-Left Brain and the Intuitive/Creative Thoughts-Infinite Awareness-Right Brain.

The more you practice the process of going between Your Center and a normal awakened state the quicker you will be able to make that switch thus it becomes more useful throughout your day.

You can click link to play it on your device.
To download it, right click, then Save As or Save Link As or something like that.

Files for students:

Essential 2 files to continue mind development and gain the benefits listed in class. Using these files will develop your ability to switch quickly between the logical and intuitive thought channels.

The Wisdom Method, aka Quantum Deep Relaxation 42 minutes

Quantum Deep Relaxation (QDR) Short mental focus cycle   13 minutes

Motivation - This is the recording of class discussion after the first experience with the Wisdom Method. Remember the changes you noticed. Audio file  7 minutes

Mind’s Eye for Change techniques

 Use for first time turning a problem into a project    13 minutes

 Use after first time, for manifesting what you desire   12 minutes

PHD Pain Headache Relief technique  3 minutes 30 seconds

PHD Mood Shift technique  3 minutes 30 seconds


Cultivate your mental garden. In the manual you looked at self-defeating thoughts and reversed them. Then listen to this guided meditation to help pull the weeds of your mental garden and plant the seeds of what you desire to think.

Cultivate your mental garden  

Copyright Notice: These mental focus cycles are copyrighted. Students are authorized to download and use these cycles for life. You have the right to allow other people to listen to it with you but not for commercial purposes. This is a product that I sell so I would appreciate that awareness. Thank you.