Quantum Deep Relaxation

Also called The Wisdom Method

This audio file trains your brain to relax your body and mind on cue. You end up at the brain frequency for your inner power center. This is where you access skills that help you live life above the fray and cause your life to be as you desire.

The first benefit is letting go of stress; good for your health and well-being. Another benefit is you access your intuitive, creative mind...on cue with practice.

3-3-3 is for physical relaxation.

2-2-2 is for mental relaxation.

1-1-1 you are in your inner power center.

0-0-0 is your zero state energy field where you can develop the skill of sensing the energies in parts of your body. With practice you can then alter these energies.


At minimum, listen to the quantum deep relaxation once per week. Listen to the short mental cycle daily.

For the gung ho and to develop your mind quicker listen to the longer cycle daily.

These will continue to relax stressors deeper and deeper within you along with developing your abilit to switch between beta open-eyed brain mode and alpha close-eyed brain mode. The more you practice the process of going between these 2 brain modes the quicker you will be able to make that switch.

Being able to switch between these 2 modes in just moment becomes very useful throughout your day.

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The Wisdom Method, aka Quantum Deep Relaxation 42 minutes

Quantum Deep Relaxation (QDR) Short mental focus cycle   13 minutes

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