My Crystal Bowl Journey

My Crystal Bowl Journey is a journey of how a logical-minded electrical engineer was led into his own intuitive/creative mind through a quartz crystal bowl.

In crystal bowl meditations, people have reported spontaneous healings, major revelations, pre-cognitions, deeper than ever meditations, major insights, and so much more. I have hundreds of index cards collected over the decades where people recorded their experiences of their crystal bowl journey.

In 1989 I was living in Austin, Texas working as a Program Manager for a semiconductor processing lab handling all the company’s major dollar and government projects. I had my first-ever assistant who I was managing. I had also delved fully into some dramatic personal growth work for years and had just been turned onto the energies of crystals. Someone had shown me how to open up to sensing their energies and it was fun to play with those sensations. It was coming up to Kelly’s birthday so I went to this crystal store that was in a ladys home, that I had just met. I went in to buy a crystal as a gift. Barbara, the owner, showed me these big bowls that had just come onto the market. As soon as she began to play one I had to sit down and listen. She said that these were made of 99% quartz crystal. I was in awe of the sound. Even though my money was allotted for bills I walked out with a crystal as a gift AND my first singing quartz crystal bowl.

I got back to my townhouse on Town Lake and just started playing with it. It was awesome and transported me to places, visuals and just amazing sensations. But when a friend would come over I would hide it. I was embarrassed because it just did not make sense to my logical mind. Yes, I am weird at times ;-) So, it was my secret; too strange for my consciousness now to think of that but we all change. Finally a friend noticed it one day. I told him and he asked to hear it. I played it and we went into meditation with it. All of the sudden I saw these scenes and heard these words. I told him what was happening and he encouraged me to just say what I was seeing and hearing. I did. This was a spontaneous journey that led us into a new space within. It was amazing.

From that point on, every time I played the bowls a different journey would be presented to me depending on who was in the room. It was my form of channeling and taught me to think differently. Using my logical mind always involved pros, cons and plans. This was teaching me about spontaneity and to release my logical to access my intuitive/creative mind.

I then moved to Denver. Friends introduced me to the Science of Mind philosophy at the Religious Science Church in Aurora. [The Religious Science Churches are now called Centers for Spiritual Living. The international organization is

I ended up holding crystal bowl meditations after the Sunday service. These were just amazing to me with so many wonderful healings and good feelings happening. I was soon being asked to do private sessions where more intense healings happened. Then I began to be asked by meditation groups across Colorado to come and do a crystal bowl meditation for them. It was fun to be doing this and there was some kind of awakening that was happening within me.

cb_tape_201x315I was so amazed that for each group I was shown in my imagination the journey to guide them to. I continue to be in awe about this concept. I never see the journey in its entirety all at once. I see each step that I have to speak. Then I will be shown the next piece. It is funny what goes on in my head because my logical mind usually guesses as to where this next piece of the journey will lead them... and it has never been right. Our logical minds cannot ever comprehend the power of the unfolding spirit within us. Still, at times, I will be shown a piece that makes no sense to my logic and I will hesitate and question before speaking it. Once I tell myself €˜just say it” then the next piece is shown to me. THAT is the creative process. Make that first stroke on the canvas for the next one to come to you. Write that first sentence or word then the next one will be provided.

That represents the epic struggle within each of us. Do we trust what we are being shown from within? Do we question it? Do we struggle with it? Or do we train ourselves, eventually, to trust?


The church surprised me at one point and had collected most of the funds for me to have a recording session at the Sounds True Recording Studio in Boulder. This studio is now known for many teachers’ audio recordings that are on the market. I took three crystal bowls and some chimes with me and we recorded the Crystal Expressions CD. Available on CD or as mp3 audio files.

I just hope that each person reading this at some point in his or her life has a gift such as this come into their lives. A gift that leads them into their inner depths to show them their gifts, resources and creativity within.

I am available to do private sound healing sessions. I also use the bowls in my P.E.A.C.E. Sessions. If you have a group that wants a crystal bowl guided meditation journey contact me. If you want to schedule and promote a public event in your town let me know.

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