Achieving Greatly
Crucial Life Skills - The Only One of its kind

Achieving Greatly

Activate Your Mind’s Eye for Change

You are Designed for Success & You Live in a Life that Supports your Success. Tap it.

Life is malleable yet most people live "quiet lives of desperation" putting up with things they don't have to; things that can easily be changed with the right skill set. This class teaches the right skill set based on brain science, neuroscience, quantum physics and repeatable life fundamentals.

It is a simple 4-step process to cause desired changes in life.  Achieve boldly.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
                                                                           Henry David Thoreau

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3 Educational methods are used in class to assure you can use these skills immediately to cause affects in life

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Mental Focus is the Beginning & Directing Force for Living Deliberately. Use  your 2 brain modes.

The Key - Primary Tool to access your enhanced potential.

This adjusts how your brain is functioning which opens up to additional avenues for thought beyond standard logical thought. In class this will be taught on Friday night and throughout the class the time it takes to utilize it will be reduced. This makes the skill usable throughout your day as needed and when needed.


  • Stress management on cue
  • Relaxation through directing your thought
  • Increased health and immune system
  • Clarity of thought
  • Mental Focus on tasks
  • Learn deeper, Increase comprehension
  • Retain information better
  • Make better decisions
  • Increase creativity
  • Enhance intuition to be more usable
  • Work routine that increases your effectiveness

This Key will then be enhanced so that you can achieve stress management in just moments. It is also used in class to train you specific thought focus to make changes in your life and within your body and mind. Specifics, such as Headache Relief, Sleep are here.


Quantum Axioms and Laws of Life

Underneath life’s events is a fundamental science which, when tapped, leads to less struggle and a better life experience.

Knowing how life is designed for you to succeed makes all the difference in the world. This allows you to adjust yourself to work with life’s design.

Just like natural sciences describe the behavior of our physical universe there are observable and repeatable axioms and laws that describe the behavior of life as it relates to your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Axioms are principles of the foundation of how life is designed. The laws are the way things work. Just like the law of gravity, in natural sciences, describes what happens when you drop something out of your hand these laws describe what happens when you adjust what you put into your life through your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and energies.

Align to your True Nature

There is nothing wrong with you; nothing to fix. Learn to approach ‘issues’ differently.

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Change your own paradigms about how life works. In the typical human paradigm things in life that are not as wanted are deemed to be problems. That sets a whole series of thoughts and actions into motion that keep it as a problem.

Paradigms are a personal mindset of the way things work. Paradigms exist in a person’s mind usually because that is the way life has always worked for the person and that is how he or she learned how to do things. History is wrought with examples of paradigms that no longer make sense once a person embraces a new thought about it which leads to a new action.

You will be seeing two most important ideas relating to your true nature.

One important paradigm shift happens with the realization of how you and life are designed for success. That integration of these life skills and life’s  axioms and laws leads to a realization that so-called issues are best handled in a new manner.

Another paradigm addressed stems from your Moment of Power when any life event occurs especially significant ones. Realize how much choice you actually have and the resulting impact in life of the different choices you make, especially in the significant moments in life.

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Whole Mind Goal Achievement

Learn an innovative process to achieve your dreams and goals by using the benefits of both brain modes: logical and creative. Accessing their combined benefits brings about  a person’s results with much more grace and ease..

In the grand design the primary tool a person has to direct their life resides in how the brain is designed. There are at least two brain modes each with their benefits. Most people use only the logical process to achieve goals.

Those who add the benefits from the second brain mode are then utilizing the benefits from both brain modes, whole brain. This brings achievement

Each person will select up to five results they choose to have in life. I prefer the word ‘result’ instead of goal 

In groups everyone will hone and polish their list of Life Results. One criteria is the Top 10 Requirements for Crafting Life Results.

The pieces of the class will then be refined into a simple daily (regular) routine to do to achieve these Life Results. Alotting just 5 minutes daily is all that is required. Most people find that once they start achieving with less need for effort and will power they will choose to spend more time which only enhances the effectiveness.

A great side benefit: you will know how to enter a meditative, focus your thoughts and feelings, and be back to a normal state of awareness in just 5 minutes?

Materials Provided & Value-Added


With the class you receive value added services

Manual with the procedures learned in class

Free Coaching Session

Training CD or MP3 download - Normally sold for $25

Certificate of Completion

Follow-Up Class Support

Incentives to retake this class: Only $75 for the first year after first class. After that it will be 25% of retail.

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